Katarina Gaborova

Katarina Gaborova

Katarina Gaborova was born and raised in Slovakia. The fall of the communist regime during her childhood brought with it her first experiences of profound social change, which influenced her future. At the age of 19, she moved to London, away from her family and home country. She has since travelled through Australia, Asia, Africa, and Europe with a yearning to experience different cultures, learn new languages and explore life. Katarina trained as a psycho-physiologist and psychologist in Australia, and became a life coach and neuro-linguistic programming practitioner, while living in Europe.

She is interested in how change and unexpected life circumstances can influence people’s mental and emotional state, and particularly in the process of “getting back up”. Currently she works with the international community – both adults and teenagers – in her private psychology practice, and at the International Social Studies Institute both situated in The Hague, Netherlands. Applying knowledge from various schools of psychology, combined with life-coaching, she assists people in achieving their goals.

Having always been a fan of motivational videos and inspirational quotes, Katarina was inspired to create a book called V!VA Tools for well-being (published in March 2015 by Petrabooks in Canada) as a way to motivate people and to bring out their best.


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